Once during the course of man, a cloud of guilt was entirely circled the earth, and was to fall upon the earth in another decade or so, and was to smother, finally and for all, the poverty and course of man.

Minds of men were relieved, some women wept, quakes on the land were common, and great relveries were the fashion, and it was that a poet name of Wolflove Wallnut approached a city on the sea, and he would have no love making, for the family of man is broken, said he, and my game is blood letting. I am a serious sort of fellow, he growled for the benefit of weeping mothers.

It was rumored he was possessed by strange forces. His was the stuff of legends.

When it was definite Wolfy was in this city by the sea, his two brothers Wallnut grumbled but decided to follow and find him and keep him as usual from his distruction completed. Besides all that, grumbled Golden, the athlete brother, I have heard the games are good there. Well even so, grumbled Lean Sam, the studious brother, I hear Wolf has noticed a dark woman name of Monkeypie.

Monkeypie was certain Wolflove was set to understand her, or at least write poems about her, and she could not understand him.

When Lean Sam and Golden found their brother he denied the case of Monkeypie and would only talk of his bloodletting. Besides all that, he growled, her latest defense is to call me silly.

One night of a full moon many people were breaking bottles on the head of Wolflove for Monkeypie had called him silly, and his brothers Wallnut came as usual to keep him from his distruction completed, and after all that, Wolflove said what the hell. Monkeypie is in love with me but I am a serious sort of fellow.

Wolf, demanded Lean Sam practically on top his last karate thrust. Just what are you so serious about?

Yeah, demanded Golden who glared heavily to stop men from getting up one more time. You are keeping me up past my hours, Wolf.

Well, my god, howled Wolflove. As you might notice, I am like always the most misunderstood man in town, and as you will say, the family of man is broken, and mothers and sons of mothers would have that I let on otherwise, that, in fact, I be one of them.

That I should plant my seed in rock gardens, howled curly headed Wolflove in a moment of poetry.

Look, Wolfy, breathed Lean Sam in a moment's sympathy, and he put his arm about his emotional brother. You are tired and confused. If you are so serious, then have us brothers Wallnut three leave this city before it sinks into the sea. Let us make our way to the great plains where we grew.

So then they did go, went to the great plains where they had come to be men, these brothers Wallnut three, to rest and see the times to their end. Wolflove would rest his bloodletting and be among the flowers and bees and animals as his childhood once had him. And the brothers hunted and lived fat on the cattle which ran dangerous and plentiful over the plains, and Lean Sam read books and said this is right, this living good on the wild grasses, drinking our fine wine, and so have it, Wolfy, our civilized manhood, while that damned city is going to sink into the sea anyway. Yeah, Wolfy, agreed Golden. And come run the hounds with me. Breathe the good air. Eat the red meat. Ale and red meat. Wine and song and women if you would have them, waiting in the township taverns. And even a seldom brawl for our sport. The sporting life, Wolfy! I'll join ye. The brothers Wallnut be yet the best ever. But watch that city on the sea sink. They cheat at their games there anyway.

Wolflove would rest his bloodletting and be among the flowers and bees and animals as his childhood once had him, run the hounds and breathe the clean air, but, due the cloud of guilt entirely circling the earth, the air, and air even on these great plains, was no longer pure, and even the famed hounds owned by these brothers Wallnut would not run so far and well, and nor were there surviving the quantity of flowers and bees and animals as his childhood once had for him. Even the cattle dangerous and wild upon the grasses, on which our very existence depends, are no longer so plentiful, wept the wolf.

Lean Sam spoke: Wolflove. We can only make the best of it.

Golden spoke too: Wolflove. If we must die, we should die together, as the brothers Wallnut three. But we should live and die on these great plains ours.

Wolflove answered: But the city on the sea is sinking.

Lean Sam spoke: Have the damned thing sink.

Golden spoke: We need care for our kind. As our kind always has.

Wolflove answered: Our kind is ended.

Lean Sam spoke: So you would see the end in the rescue of a silly dark woman name of Monkeypie, and for nothing.

Wolflove spoke: Not so. My heart is true.

Lean Sam spoke: What of our kind, for which you have always ranted? Aahh! So carry on, Wolf. I must go read and rest.

Wolflove spoke more: You see then. Ah, my heart is true. For our kind has long needed new blood.

Golden spoke more: But, brothers! All well and such, yet see now, it is too late for new blood. Too late.

Wolflove answered: I will never say that it is too late for new blood. Ah, just for the sight of it.

Posh, muttered The Lean One: So be it.

Golden then, or call him The Younger, grappled within his soul, and he grappled rather merrily. Aaiiee! Our kind are of restless breeding! It is so true, brothers, this ever call for new blood, strange women. May God help!

Wolflove let pass a little smile. May God help? Our deaths be it! We brothers Walinut three, indeed, ha....

May we be stagnant no longer than we are sought by God - ha-aa-aa! Yeah! Wallnut three-hee-hee-hee! And we do be we-ee! Who-oo-ee! Me, oh me, my bretheren, see us three!

Then all felt much better. Wolfy, if the literate reader should mind, was himself a year or so our eldest, forced to carry the turbulent genes of his kind, say the brunt of it, and known in the townships as The Wilder, but too he was of this poetic nature, and usually his soberer brothers were sympathetic.

But, such a silly woman, Wolf, this dark one, worried Golden, The Younger, and Golden repressed glee bubbled in his throat. My goodness, Wolf. Is there none other about? And in a time like this?

Brothers. The wolf spoke with the gravity of soul peculiar to his sort. I will say it this time, and for this once, She is. Absolutely the strangest, fiercest, most dangerous loving woman this child may ever mean to mind.

Gads, remarked The Lean One. It be sufficient to lend a strong man to deeper drink than wine.

The brothers had their wine. A sly eye was left upon Wolflove. Finally his brother Sam spoke tiredly. Wolf. You suggest a merriment of soul peculiar to our bedeviled kind.

That city on the sea was sinking. There was nothing to doubt, and the brothers Wallnut went to carry the monkey's salvation.

Hordes of mankind fled and fought along the ways out of the city. Throngs beat and broke their ways into the city. Multitudes lost their ways in and about the crashing cement and plastic.

We must persevere, waved the fist of Lean Sam, a man who had made his mind. Golden! Deal us a swath through this teeming lot! The situation is clearly out of hand!

Hold, muttered that youngest. That would not be athletic. I am confused as to which path be ours through these lost souls.

Fare us not to mutter why, persevered Lean Sam ignoring gravel settling on his shoulder. I don't know about the noise behind, nor the sky about that character of our blood. But we shall not mutter and tarry! A swath through the mob, Golden! A tear, a rip!

But more like a slit, pondered Golden fingering shale and sediment off the back of his great neck. Gads, Sam.

Brothers, howled Wolfy. Monkeypie - and I know her - will only be in the thick of it, the very heart of the city. We can not make our way here, before the sea enters past that thicket of man.

Wolf! You have got us into it now. We must persevere, went on the middle brother, and there must be a way, just as a deafening crack split the earth beneath them, and at the same instant a roar of wind took them, and it tossed them out to sea, where they each and singly braved the churning crest of one wave now sweeping rightously onto the very heart of the sinking city.

Ah. That was somewhat sudden, spat Lean Sam wearily climbing after his brothers up an island slab of concrete. But perhaps it is best this way.

Yes, howled the wolf. It is. From the sea man has entered the cities, and that be the only way to enter the cities. We have come!

It is the only way to them, agreed Golden.

Then the next wave knocked their slab of concrete somewhat suddenly against the hills of the earth, where the better fragment of it remained, finally, embedded with the adventurous brothers shaken but intact.

Folly! commented Lean Sam fingering sediment of his ears.

The city has sunk, noted Golden rubbing his growling belly.

Man alive! paused Wolflove. Now I wonder where is the monkey?

These were green hills, and even before could be uttered a statement of philosophy, a rock came obliquely and dented the forehead of Wolflove.

Before your eyes! appeared the woman Monkeypie from the grace of the earth's green hills, and she appeared with that shout. You silly boob! And she was healthy and proud as ever, wringing the sea from her hair. I don't know what I am to do with you, she complained.

Wolflove stepped down and to a knee, wiped his face and he spoke: -

I don't know
about the noise behind
Nor the sky about
that character of my blood
I have come.

Oh, don't hand me that seaweed, smerked his monkey love. Here, get up from there and sit down now and let me comb out your tangled hair, anyway. What a mess!

With that, the sky about did begin to clear, and the tide to fall back, and as Monkeypie did place a wreathe of flowers round the neck of Wolflove, all the brothers smelt a freshening in the very air.

Indeed, it was said the cloud of guilt went circling the earth had dissipated over the fumes of one of the earth's greater cracks.

And, again, the course of man went on.