Chapter Two
(Of Man and Triumph)


Well. You know, Dave, way it was. That Nuevo jail, and I said, well, whatta you think, Bix. And by now we did have enough marijuana she'd thrown in the window, and were feeling alright, thinking good enough. And, he said, well, whatta you think, Dan. And so Danny said, well, let's get outta here. And we all agreed. Because her sister already had some horses waiting for us only a mile or so out, and that was sure all we needed for a start. Cause we were sure to catch Packy fore he left Juarez. And I knew we were coming back to here, later. Still, I still knew if I did have to knock that fat jailer down first I was going to kick him in the head first. Only reason I didn't hurt him then was cause he was yeHow-bellied like I knew all the time. Thing was, now, Black Hatch, he had to do it anyway. I mean, he was a low down sidewinder. Just didn't have the guts. Well, Hatch, just wanted to look at the guts he did have, anyway. Specially since he didn't have a fucking dime on 'im any-way cept this good pocketknife. Hatch, just loves knives. I think, now, this is really why he wants to do down south. Because you don't get along too good there when you don't got yourself a machete. Shit. If that little knife had been a machete, Black Hatch, he really would of caught that barrel of shit the rest of the way cut in two. I mean, one swipe by Black Hatch. Of course, now, we didn't have much more time than that. But, I mean, if you do chop a man half in two, now, you really don't have to cut through the other part. Now do you? No you don't. You really don't. I mean, you just don't. You know what I mean. I mean. Shit. Shee4t. Not that we had time to anyway, you know. But you don't need to do that anyway, and, man, we did get to the horses alright. I mean, I kinda felt sorry for that fucking tub of horse manure, but shee-it, hell. Oh hell, you know. I had said to everybody, whatta you think, compadres. And everybody agreed we better get loose from there just about as soon as we felt the energy. Because it was going to tighten up if we didn't. But I do think. Going south. Pay Nuevo a little hello, no matter how tight they start thinking they are. I mean, when I get to feeling right, I mean, when I get to feeling good, it ain't going to matter much to me. Not much. Not too much. No, not too much. At all. And I sure know Dan, it's alright in this case with Danny if we do that. And when I get good, Hatch is always real good, real good, and when you do got Bix behind you you start feeling secure enough. You start feeling right good enough to get real good. And, everybody knows, I just want to take off my boots and walk along a warm beach eating bananas, and keep a few kunckles loose on wet pussy, but still everybody knows when I get that fucking good, there's not anybody much better. In fact, there is not anybody no better at all, and even Hatch knows that. And that's good enough. That's the best there is. They will just have to get them-selves another jail built back, and new horses and new guns and brand new gold. Because, after we started smoking a little bit, I started relaxing a little bit, and I said to Hatch, how does he feel, and he said to me, as truthfully as he could. Olive, I feel like hell. See, at the moment, he just wasn't quite sure he'd be doing any screwing ever again, and, he'd already lost his girl anyway, and, well, man, we all felt like hell. I mean, well, somehow, that fucking Danny. He, he no shit really was keeping his hands through those bars. I mean, well, I don't think he was trying to be tough, or anything. Just wanted some sympathy. We all coulda used some of that. But, Black Hatch and Wild Bill, well, we had nothing better to be doing, so we just started working up a little feeling back. Bix, he just sat over there real quiet, then, Dave, for quite a spell. Real quiet. But, Hatch and me, we would say it real deep, kind,of, like, how do you feel, Hatch. I feel just like hell, Olive. Why? How do you feel? Well, if I can get this leg to working, I just might be able to walk. Well, Hatch said, and puked a little, you know, and said there's just a chance for me, too. Just a chance, Olive, just a small chance. So I said, how bout you, Dan? Hatch says, shit, they only hit Dan in the head. I says, you're right, you are right on that, they only hit 'im in the head. Danny wasn't listening to none of this, of course, but Hatch says, you know, Olive, it just could be. It just could be, now I'm not saying it is, mind ye, but it just could be, that I'm a little bit tougher than they thought. Then I. Oh goddamn, just a minute now, Hatch. Now what was that about, tell me what was that you said again. He said, goddamn you, Olive, you whore tounging shit fucking mare mauling no damn good horse thief. I said. I said, arr-rr, I said, Olive, you turd tumbling Digger Indian. I said, I just might get one of these tes-ti-cals to work for me someday, that is, if you could get off that squaw tying leg of yours and try to listen to what I'm talking about to you. Well, Hatch, for the love of God, I am only just doing the best I can do. Why, you know that, Hatch. You know, Hatch, now, I always, Hatch, always just doing the best I can do. I mean, the best I can do, Hatch, now, you know that's all there is. You know that, Hatch. Olive, you conceited panoche pounding piss ant. I mean, Olive, I do think, the longer I know you you are the most proudest, proudest punk, I do know of. I said, well, thank you kindly there, Hatch, but I didn't actually now mean it so much that way. But if I can just start this here leg to working for me a little bit, kinda, sorta, I just might feel like moving around some. Olive. You stinking goddamn no good chickenshit sonofabitch. If I had a leg only with a chickenlivered sprain like that, why Olive, I would be getting up from there and I know I would kick that chickenlivered door clean down. Well, Hatch, why, my god man. You chicken livered sonofabitch. O.K., Hatch, O.K., now, maybe, just maybe now, I'm not saying I will be doing exactly that, but, just maybe so now, I am going to kick the fucking door down, but I may as well say so now, Hatch, that, once we get the horses she tells us are out there aways, and once we are get our asses across the river, I mean, soon as we are on the other side of the river on horses all at the same time, why, Hatch, I am going to start kicking all the shit outta you and I am going to be kicking some shit outta you you never oulda thought you had in you at all. He said to me only aw shit, Olive, you can't even kick in that little door. Well. We went on that way a bit. I got to hobbling around enough. By the time the fat asshole was yelling at us to shut up. I mean, we were all supposed to be three fourths dead. So, well, when that little asshole started to be real nervous, I lunged into that door and I put that door broken over on top of that fat little fucker. They sure make some cheap jails. It almost, goddamn near dislocated my hip to do it, though. I mean, I sure thought so. Yeah, I sure did think some about it then, right then. But there wasn't that much time to that much thinking. Now was there. No. There wasn't. And goddamn, it sure did all take Danny when he wasn't ready for it. Whew-ee, I mean, Bk, who was really, no fucking shit, man, doing real good, had to jump up and started getting him loose from that win-dow. Real fast, cause we sure didn't have much time then. No sir. No, no sir-ee. Not then. And I did most likely kill that one came running in. I had just had time to get my stuff when he came running on back in and when I put the bottom end of my bowie knife on him I really didn't hit him like I tried to but I probably killed him. He was just a stupid fucker, not a bad fucker, but now I really didn't have time to feel sorry about that bullshit. Not that kind a bullshit. So I put it on top of that fucker. I don't know exactly where the other fuckers had went, but there wasn't no time to leave on that neither. Bunch of drunken fuckers anyway, and we all knew, why we all knew we'd be back later on. Sure. Sure we did. And, man, why, no shit, she had no shit dropped us a lot of loco weed then, and we almost forgot the loco weed, man. No shit, man, we damn near sure did then, cept we didn't. No, no, we didn't. Danny got it. He remembered. Oh my. He had to get himself all loose all over again from Bix, to go get it, before Bix even understood. Before he even understood, man. I mean, oh boy, oh my, that, that much, just about that much almost dislocated my second hip. And a man only has but two, man, and I sure was having a hard time. Naturally, now, hitting that greaser probably mattered some too, but still, that Black Hatch. Starts dragging me off the floor saying good god, Olive, you silly mother-fucker, just how in hell did you ever propose kicking any shit outta Black Hatch when you are too bunged up to even be doing your share in getting us outta this town. I told him he was getting his by and by and so that's how we did get outta that town just in time. So they were wrong then when they thought they had us broken in enough to hold us till they had enough people in to get the hanging done right. They might of needed a few people, way we got friends in town. You never know, but we sure did not give them a chance. No sir, we hightailed. Yes sir, we sure did. We were going over to Texas soon as we had Sieb from the sister's house, and except, cept Sieb didn't feel like coming yet, well, we got Sieb and we got into Texas fast. Real fast after she found a horse for Sieb. Sieb, he left his boots. I don't know exactly now where he did leave his boots, because he was real sleepy from weed. Well. We might had found his boots. Cept after we were sure to not be finding no more weed we quit looking anymore for his boots. She'll probably sell his boots. I mean, why, she really oughta. We can get'im more boots, and god knows, Bob sure never brought'er what she needed, not much. Well, we got going then. Sure did. You know. You know, Sieb gets pretty mad sometimes. Yeah. Well. We got outta there. We got going. Sure we did. We moved right along and Bixstayed on his horse the whole way.

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