Once there was a princess who had a well kept, honest brute,

                                   and she knew the value.

                   She kept him well provided for in a cave.

                   The princess had many other affairs to attend to, banquets, balls and
             what not, so many people to see, places to go, and things like that, yet she

            still petted her brute at least once a week.

                      Although he was a surly brute, and usually saw her but once a week, he did not complain very much,

                                     because he knew the value.

                        Also, he was a very ambitious brute, but she did not mind, because he
             was nice, and behaved himself most of the time.

                        But, as time went on, the princess became more busy in the life of a
             princess, and as she became involved in many social circles, she chose to

            keep it a secret that she kept a brute in a cave, because it was unbecoming
             for a princess to keep a brute in a cave. 

                        And the princess found less and less time to pet her brute in the cave,
             and then, she became so busy she could not see her brute at all for a long

                        But, the busy princess forgot how ambitious her pet brute really was....

                        So one day, when the princess with a group of her admirers returned
             to her castle after an outing, she was surprised, angry, and very
             embarrassed, to find her brute had climbed over her wall, frightened her
             guards, and made himself completely at home in her castle.

                        Of course, the only thing for the princess to do before her guests, was
    to become very indignantly angry at her brute, humiliate him, and pretend
              he was not really her brute.

                        The poor brute loved his princess, and so after beating his chest, his
             head, and the walls, and declaring that he was ill and needed to rest, he left

            the castle of his princess.

                        After he left the princess was very upset, but her guests calmed her.

                        The poor princess decided to finally, once and for all, disown her brute, and attend to only her important life.

But, the very busy princess forgot again to remember that the brute
             was no ordinary brute, by the fact that he was a brute possessed by ambition, and even driven by strange forces.

And one day, when the very busy princess was very tired and nervous and at the same time the guest of honor at a large civic affair, an affair conducted in a wide meadow for the purpose of making a great number of people feel important all at the very same time, the princess was surprised, although not very surprised, and angry, very angry, to have her lonesome
             brute break forth from neighboring woods,  waving his arms, beating his breast, tearing at his hair, foaming at the mouth, snarling, eyes rolling wild,
             with the sole purpose of begging forgiveness from his princess.

The princess wanted to pet her brute and let him calm down, but he
            was just a little bit frightening, and besides, she was the guest of honor, and besides that, there is just not room and time enough for a brute in the  life of a busy princess, and especially when the brute is an ambitious brute.

Naturally, all the army had to be called out, and the brute had to flee
             for his life, back into the woods, until he reached his cave and was safe.

After that, throughout the life of the busy princess, there occurred other socially embarrassing incidents, and as the princess grew older she became angrier, and more tired, until one day she was made Queen of the Land.

                        Now that she was Queen of the Land, she had to find herself a king,
             because it is very lonely and not much fun being Queen of the Land without
            a king.

She had become queen, before any of the young princes in the land became king, and because this was so, why, the young queen discovered
             she was bored with all the young princes, and wanted none of them.

                        Besides, she was tired, and the young princes only made her nervous.

Then there came a day that she was very, very tired and nervous, and she secretly left her castle, and took a solitary walk in the woods, and suddenly she found herself on the path leading to the secret cave of her old brute.

                        The queen was surprised and pleased to find the brute was indeed no

            ordinary brute, and had finally quieted himself enough to wait for her in his cave.

He was no longer well kept, but he was there all the same.
The queen scolded him, for his having been such a bad brute back when

she was a struggling princess, but she told him she would finally forgive him for everything and everything if he would just be nice as he was when she first owned him.

                        Naturally, the old brute was very happy, and not even surly as he had
             been when He was a young brute.

                        The queen found herself relaxing from her nervousness, as she had
     not done in a very long time, and she found she was no longer angry.

                        She decided it was more pleasant to be once again taking good care

            of her honest brute than  it was being a queen anyway, and she never
             returned to her castle, but chose to live in the cave of her brute, because

            she remembered that she had forgotten

                                    the value

                                                            of a well kept,

                                                                                          honest brute.